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  • Ellie D Interview with The Bear Hunt

    25th Oct 2016 | Posted by Ellie D

    Ellie D Chats with Lloyd from The Bear Hunt...

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  • AAA Backstage with The Bear Hunt

    19th Oct 2016 | Posted by AAA Backstage

    We chatted to local rockers The Bear Hunt about Jungle Love Festival & Winnie the Pooh over some colourful mocktails at Lychee Lounge! Video by Matthew Doueal...

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  • WMYG? Single Premiere

    19th Oct 2016 | Posted by Tone Deaf

    Brisbane quartet The Bear Hunt have just released the vid for their recent single ‘Who Made You God?’, filmed and directed by Ian Powne (of Stress of Leisure) – and by all accounts, there was a bit of improvisation involved....

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  • Party Central Q&A: The Bear Hunt

    23rd June 2016 | Posted by AAA Backstage

    Born on the beer soaked stages of 90s grunge, Brisbane rockers The Bear Hunt are riding high off the back of their album ‘TBH (To Be Honest) and latest single Tropical. We asked the quartet how they like to party and who they’d most like to do a 20-minute guitar battle against....

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  • The Bear Hunt Heart Queensland

    22nd June 2016 | Posted by Music Is My Muse

    Born in the blistering heat of Far North Queensland, Brisbane-based rockers The Bear Hunt know a thing or two about the ferocity of the Queensland spirit. Fresh from their Tropical single tour, the band will join an all-Queensland line-up this Friday at The Milk Factory, to celebrate the single releases of local loves....

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  • The Zoo Built To Spill Gig Review

    15th March 2016 | Posted by The Music

    Townsville-bred four-piece The Bear Hunt open proceedings with a slew of thunderous groove-based rockers, a set that's diverse and ambitious in scope and culminates in new single Tropical, which brings things to a close in a heavy-but-alluring squall....

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  • "Tropical" Video Premier

    29th February 2016 | Posted by The AU Review

    Here’s a new Brissy band for you to be getting around this week – The Bear Hunt released their debut album TBH (To Be Honest) late last year and off that record, some great riffs and rock melodies sprung forward. “Tropical” is just one of the great cuts from TBH and today, we’re premiering the single’s official music video!...

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  • "Tropical" Review

    25th February 2016 | Posted by AAA Backstage

    The ideal background song for a drunken night of reminiscing, Tropical will make you feel so many different emotions but it is a great wave to ride. A grungey, indie rock instrumentation in the verse is transitioned subtly with a stoner/emo rock vibe in the chorus that creates a dark yet soothing ambience throughout the song...

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  • The Bear Hunt to support Built To Spill

    8th February 2016 | Posted by The Bear Hunt

    The Bear Hunt are thrilled to be supporting BUILT TO SPILL on the Brisbane leg of their Australian tour March 11th. Built To Spill are one of the most loved American indie rock bands of the last 25 years. They started life in the 90s indie scene, and they sit with Pavement, Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr up in that pantheon.

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  • "Ready Or Not" Ranks Top Ten

    1st January 2016 | Posted by The Bear Hunt

    The Bear Hunt were thrilled to hear that they came in at #7 in the annual 4ZZZ Hot 100! This was their debut into the Hot 100 and they would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that voted. The band were honoured to be a part of this event which began way back in 1976.

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  • "To Be Honest" Review

    19th November 2015 | Posted by Tone Deaf

    Brissy based alt/ garage rock crew The Bear Hunt recently released their debut album titled To Be Honest, and to be honest it’s one of the most gut punchingly impress rock record we’ve heard this second half of 2015. In celebration of the record, the band have kindly given as a track by track run down of the record which you can check out below...

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  • "To Be Honest" Review

    26th October 2015 | Posted by 4ZZZ FM

    ...look for the line that went through the middle of all those grunge sounds and the grunge ethos, then The Bear Hunt may well be right on it. Loud, slow, fuzzy, sweet, angry, this is exactly what I wanted to hear. It might not be the ‘90s anymore, but I’m guessing that for a whole bunch of other people, The Bear Hunt will fit the bill too....

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  • "Movie Star" Review

    2nd June 2015 | Posted by The Sunday Experience

    Ripped from a forthcoming debut full length platter entitled ‘TBH’ – short for to be honest – that’s slated for September release, this is the bear hunt with ‘movie star’. A raw gnawing dirt bomb heading out from down under all kissed with a deliciously decadent glam grunge gouging pressed and primed upon a cool as f*** biting and grinding stoner blues grooving which to these ears sounds...

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  • Sonic Masala's Hits From The Box

    3rd May 2015 | Posted by Sonic Masala

    And let's finish off with Brisbane band The Bear Hunt. Linda their drummer won the one-off pedal we raffled off at last year's Sonic Masala Fest, and I finally caught them play at the Pre-Pre SM Fest show at Trainspotters back in March. The four-piece aim to release their debut album TBH later this year, and 'Lost Reality' is the first cut from it. Raw grunge from the heaving tropics...

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  • "Movie Star" Single Launch

    3rd May 2015 | Posted by The Bear Hunt

    The singles just keep on coming, and this time with a film clip! Join The Bear Hunt 13th June at The Bearded Lady for a special first look at their shiny new film clip. Again to celebrate this occasion, the single will be available for FREE download via Bandcamp from 12th June for one month. Helping to celebrate this launch, will be local hits LULU & THE CUTTHROATS as well as JACKET.

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  • "Lost Reality" Single Review

    29th April 2015 | Posted by Brisbane Society of Sound

    The Bear Hunt kill with new single. Lost Reality opens with a lazy, stripped back and threadbare riff which is joined by a chilled backbeat and meandering lead licks. The grunge-infused drawl of the vocalist is highlighted by infrequent and unpredictable tonal changes draped over the music and vaguely reminiscent of Screaming Trees. This undertone of Palm Springs stoner rock is beguiling and combined with the indie stylistics of the tune is well worth a decent eyebrow raise...

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  • "Lost Reality" Single Launch

    2nd May 2015 | Posted by The Bear Hunt

    Join The Bear Hunt at Fat Louie's 2nd May for the launch of their debut single "Lost Reality". To celebrate this milestone occasion, the single will be available for FREE download via Bandcamp from 1st May for the entire month. You can grab it here. Joining The Bear Hunt for their launch will be local legends, WALKEN and BLACK AS BLUE.

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  • "Can't Save You" EP Review

    13th June 2014 | Posted by The Equal Ground

    There is just something about Australian rock. Whether it's the wide-open geography, the big skies, or the relative isolation, that continent seems to possess the perfect equilibrium for inspiration. The Bear Hunt are a psychedelic garage rock outfit, originally from North Queensland, but since relocated to Brisbane. Their recent album...

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  • The Zoo Gig Review

    11th June 2014 | Posted by Lone Riot

    Now and then I’ll come across a band that has me transfixed. The Bear Hunt are one of those bands and I had the pleasure of seeing them last Thursday night, along with Mallory Vanetti and The Buzzrays at The Zoo. There was a truly surreal ambience about the place, and a lot of this could be attributed to the myriad of different...

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  • Interview with Creative Drinks

    19th May 2014 | Posted by Creative Drinks

    A lot has happened to alternative rockers The Bear Hunt since their formation three years ago. The band has gone through numerous line-up changes as well as a move from Townsville to the musical big smoke that is Brisbane. However, according to guitarist Lloyd Martin, each line-up change has made The Bear Hunt a better band…

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  • Burbs Set to Rock On

    16th October 2013 | Posted by The Wynnum Herald

    Suburban rock ’n’ roll will hit the Tingalpa Hotel this Friday night as locals get the chance to see the next big act in the making. The live event will showcase many different kinds of music including rock, pop, metal, punk, reggae and more. One of the bands set to entertain on the night is The Bear Hunt, and bass player Shane Beu said playing at local venues is always special…

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